Planning update – May 2019

New Applications





Reference Number: 19/00026/TCA
Raymond Fowler, Substation, Mains Street
Reduce height of a group of Leylandii by 20%, remove dead trees

Reference Number: 19/00036/TCA
Flagstones, 12 Main Street, Duns Tew
Reduce height by 2m and reshape oak tree

Reference Number: 18/02178/F
Acorn Cottage, 7 Middle Barton Road
Single storey rear extension. Loft conversion with associated roof lights

Reference Number: 18/00176/TCA
Paythorne, Main Street
Sycamore (T1) – Fel.l small self-set sycamore in group of trees to be removed due to close proximity to neighbouring trees. Leyland cypress (T2) – Reduce height by 12ft as causing shading and blocking aerial signal. Golden cypress (T3) – Fell. Stem split in bad weather.

Reference Number: 18/0001173/TCA
Stable End, Middle Barton Road
Pear (T1) Fell. Decay cavity at base, large split up trunk, creaking in wind. Close proximity to building. 7M tall. Horse Chestnut (T2) Fell. Half canopy is dead, remainder is dying back.

Reference Number: 18/00168/TCA
North Barn, 1 Spring Farm Court
Poplar (T1) Reduce height by up to 5M, remove low broken branch and shape canopy. Tree is outgrowing position and casting shade.  Variegated acer (T2) Remove reversion growth to ensure future development. Alder(T3) Fell.

Reference Number: 18/0412/CLUP
5 Longfield
Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed development for a single storey, flat roofed structure as a garden room. 5.7m (W) x 4.1m (D) x 2.5m (H). Occasional use, garden room and home study. Rear garden location, no changes to property access.

Reference Number: 18/01439/LB
1 Daisy Hill
Internal renovation to return the barn to open plan

Reference Number: 18/00329/DISC
7 Daisy Hill
Discharge condition 7 (vents and flues) of 18/00579/LB

Reference Number: 18/00330/DISC
Glendale, Main Street
Partial discharge of condition 3 (slates only) of 15/00475/F

Reference Number: 18/00231/TCA
Duns Tew Village Hall, Middle Barton Road
Birch (T1) Reduce 10m height by 3m. shape canopy. Remove by up to 2m from fabric of building.

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