The Village Hall 100 Club helps to raise money for the maintenance of our splendid village hall.

For an annual subscription of £12 per person/household, the Village Hall Committee hold a monthly draw for all club members with prizes each month of £20, £15, £10 and £5.  Apart from the monthly prizes, all the money raised goes towards the upkeep of our village hall, keeping this wonderful facility available to everyone for village activities, and to hire for personal events and celebrations.  Winners are announced in the newsletter and on the village website.

Here are the winners for the last three months – prizes will be delivered in the near future:

Winners for August 2018:

£20   Ian & Julie Whiting (membership number 45)
£15   Chris Keeping (21)
£10   Tom & Sarah Lindley (38)
£5     Tom & Anne Reeve (1)

Winners for September 2018:

£20     Eve & Paddy Magee (110)
£15     Rowena Bishop (75)
£10     Myrtle Stranks (151)
£5       Jill Barr (94)

Winners for October 2018:

£20     Dave & Kelly Travis (125)
£15     Charles & Caroline Landless (161)
£10     Simon Keeping (129)
£5       Tony & Sue Castle-Miller (18)

Many congratulations to all the winners.  Your prize will be delivered shortly.


If you would like to join or set up a standing order with your bank or building society for the annual subscription, please contact Kate :  Tel 347476, Email:
Thank you to everyone who has joined, your contributions to the Village Hall funds are very welcome and with prizes drawn every month, you may be lucky and win a prize.

Click here for standing order mandate: DTVH100 Club Renewal Form