Village Emergency Plan


The village has a simple Emergency Plan that outlines a series of common sense procedures, identifies key individuals and resources, and provides a list of useful contact numbers.

What it lacks at present is a list of those with medical skills, any doctor, nurse, or trained First Responder who would be willing to add their name to the key individuals list.

In addition we need to identify those who would be willing to offer up equipment for use in an emergency, such as a generator, tractor, or digger.

The only requirement is to allow your name and a contact number to be added to the Emergency Plan list, which is currently limited to members of the Parish Council only.

So if you are willing to help or even to be part of the Emergency Response Team, please get hold of Charles McBean or any other member of the Parish Council with your details and what it is you are willing to provide.

— Duns Tew Parish Council

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