Urgent – North Aston Organics veg

I learned today (7th June) that the brilliant North Aston Organics veg stall, which has been in Deddington Market Place on Saturday mornings for the past year, will be there no more, from the end of June.

The reason given is that they have been making a loss – even though there is always at least one customer being served when I visit, the amounts being sold are individually small, and do not justify the expenses involved in running the stall.

So – Duns Tew residents! Time to step up to the plate, pop into Deddington the next 2 Saturdays, and buy some of our own local organic veg! It’s all picked no earlier than the day before, and often on the Saturday morning itself, is absolutely delicious, covers a wide range of vegetables, from exotic peppers to basic general potatoes, and travels no more than one food mile – what’s not to like? Give it a go – before we lose it altogether!

And don’t forget – they are also at the Deddington Farmers’ Market on the fourth Saturday in the month, so you can top up your supplies every week….if we can keep them in the Market Place beyond the end of this month.

Jo Barton (organic veg enthusiast!)

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