Spread a little kindness in Duns Tew

Hello from Duns Tew. If you are self-isolating, there is help in the village!

You will already have had, or will have very shortly, a leaflet through your door with information about getting help, like supplies delivered, post mailed and prescriptions picked up while you are in isolation. The information and support structures have been put into place by the Parish Council, Parochial Church Council and others on behalf of all Residents.

Spread a little kindness in Duns Tew

In this time of worry and isolation you can help by keeping in touch with any friends or neighbours that you know who are self-isolating, live alone, may be vulnerable and in need of help or might just like a friendly phone call!  We are particularly concerned about the elderly, those who live alone and those who don’t use the internet.

If you are self-isolating or trying to minimise your social contact, it might be hard to know who to ask for help, especially if your loved ones are far away or are in isolation themselves. And you might not want to be a bother or make a fuss! But please do ask!

There are different ways to get help outlined in the leaflet – phone numbers of people who can help and details for WhatsApp and Facebook.

We want to spread kindness not the Covid-19 virus so if you help someone remember to wash your hands, avoid physical contact (but a smile can go a long way!) and leave any deliveries on
the doorstep.

We have not shared the leaflet on Facebook or the Duns Tew website because it contains people’s personal information.  Please do not share it on social media. Instead, if you have not received the leaflet, please phone or email the Parish Council Clerk for a copy:
Telephone: 01869 349012
Email: clerk.dtpc@gmail.com

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