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Waste, recycling & Re-use facilities at Alkerton and Stanford

You can now take unwanted items to Alkerton and Stanford Waste Recycling Centres for resale.

The re-use areas can store goods that are in reasonable condition, and offer them to the public for a nominal cost.

How it works

The re-use areas are run by the site operators, who decide on the pricing structure. Any income generated through sales will initially go to the contractor, who has a responsibility to maximise the amount of waste that is reused from the site. Reducing the amount of waste disposed of helps to save the taxpayer money. Sending items to landfill costs £64 per tonne in tax alone, and is set to rise to £72 in April 2013. Income from sales will be used to cover the cost of establishing and running the trial. Should the council adopt the scheme following the trial, we would look to use the income to offset some of the costs of running waste management services.

Goods must be in reasonable clean working condition, and the site operators will decide on the suitability of items for resale. Some items that can’t be accepted for re-use are:

  • ·electrical goods – because at the moment there are no Portable Appliance Testing facilities on the sites
  • ·toys – as we cannot guarantee that these meet safety regulations
  • ·furniture without the correct fire safety labelling

Why we have set up these facilities

Members of the public often ask why their good quality unwanted items can’t be re-used, so facilities are being trailed at these two sites during 2013. As part of the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership, we support the principle of re-use within our Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy, and recognise that being able to use items again is a better option than recycling them.

More information

For more information, email the Waste Management team at or phone 08450 50 45 50.