Remembrance Sunday – 8th November 2020

For the last two years we have been able to have a Remembrance Day commemoration around the small island opposite the church. Due to the new restrictions this cannot happen this year. It is with real regret that the Parish Council in partnership with the Church have to announce that the service will be “closed”, i.e. few people attending. The bell will be tolled, the last post and reveille will be played, names read out and the village’s wreath will be laid.

This will be done with minimal ceremony and with very few people involved. It will be filmed and put up on the Village website, Facebook page and WhatsApp. We realise that it will be difficult for some not to be there in person, however, the memorial will remain in place for two weeks to allow people who wish to pay their respects to do so in their own time.

The Church will be open from 11.10am until 4pm for private prayer only. To protect others, please use hand sanitiser, wear a mask, and before you leave, place a yellow sheet of paper in the seat to indicate where you have been sitting.

Thank you

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