R.I.P. Cornerstones

Cornerstones has faded away!

It began in 1965 as Young Wives but changed its name to allow all Christian ladies to join.

It started by helping to organize rotas for: Church flower arranging; cleaning specific areas of the church weekly; Women’s World Day of Prayer on the first Friday in March; holding the Hrvest Lunch for Senior citizens in October and the carol singing round the village. Church kneelers was a project and 94 have been made by many parishioners.

The cost of the Harvest Lunch has been met from funds and the majority of the food was home made. The Poors Land Trust has kindly contributed to these funds as has the Parish Council. We would like to donate our funds to whoever takes on the Harvest Lunch.

I would like to thank Margaret Gordon for looking after our accounts.

Contact: Marian Wotherspoon (01869 347122)

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