Parking in the village

It seems that there has been a big increase in the number of cars parked on Main Street and on Middle Barton Road. For obvious reasons this is particularly evident in the evening and at the weekend. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to get through the village with farm vehicles, horse boxes and the like and with commercial vehicles making deliveries in the local area.

Should there be a fire in the village or a medical emergency, it may be that fire engines or ambulances will be delayed or unable to get through.

We would respectfully ask those car owners who have off-street parking to please use it and those who do not, to please park with consideration. Note that parking on pavements is not an option and may invalidate certain types of insurance claim.

It is difficult, we know, we are a village where the majority have two cars or more, and we know that that bit of drive has become part of the garden and the garage has become a junk room, but we do need to do something because parking is now becoming a major problem.

If anyone has any ideas about how we as a village might tackle it, please give your views by email to the parish clerk;

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