A message from Smiths & Son (Bletchington) Ltd.



For the attention of the Clerk to Duns Tew Parish Council Mrs Hilary Skaar.


Dear Mrs Skaar


I would like to advise the Parish Council  that we will be starting our final sand extraction campaign from the Western Quarry  later this month-May 2016.


As on previous occasions this will  involve the transport of sand in dump trucks from the Western Quarry across the Duns Tew road and in to the Eastern Quarry. The crossing of the Duns Tew Road will again  be managed by traffic lights of the sort that have proved to be successful on previous occasions and which give priority to road users.


Once again we hope that there won’t be any problems for the residents of the village but any housekeeping concerns about the operation should be made direct to the Quarry Manager in charge who is  John Stocker on 07860 894764 or to our production manager John Bell 07718 660239


As the Parish Council are aware this will be the last extraction campaign and following extraction we will be restoring the quarry to its approved use  for nature conservation with public access.

I am also copying this to Oxfordshire County Council.


Kind regards


Martin Layer


Martin Layer

Planning & Estates Manager


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