Horse Hay quarry

Bye the time of publication, Smiths of Bletchington will have submitted their application to extend the quarry workings (as described in previous issues of the Newsletter) to Oxford County Council (OCC) for validation.
This process will take about 10 days at which point the Application in full will be postedg on the OCC website.

The Parish Council will receive a hard copy in early April, which will be retained by the Parish Clerk and will be available to those who wish to examine it.

The Application will also be posted on the Village website. A CD will be available from Smiths at a cost of £10.

Once it has been validated by OCC, Smiths will deliver a copy of the Non-Technical Summary of the proposal to each household in the Village together with details of who to write to at OCC, Cherwell District Council or Smiths for those who wish to comment.

The Application will be considered at the next Parish Council Planning Meeting on 8 May (see planning minutes for info),
after which the Parish Council will respond formally to OCC. Any representations to the Parish Council should be made in writing or by e-mail to the Parish Clerk by 1 May so that they can be given proper consideration at the meeting.

Comments may be addressed to Hilary Skaar Parish Clerk.

Parish Council Meetings are open to the public and the PC would welcome your input.

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