Horse Hay quarry

Bye the time of publication, Smiths of Bletchington will have submitted their application to extend the quarry workings (as described in previous issues of the Newsletter) to Oxford County Council (OCC) for validation.
This process will take about 10 days at which point the Application in full will be postedg on the OCC website.

The Parish Council will receive a hard copy in early April, which will be retained by the Parish Clerk and will be available to those who wish to examine it.

The Application will also be posted on the Village website. A CD will be available from Smiths at a cost of £10.

Once it has been validated by OCC, Smiths will deliver a copy of the Non-Technical Summary of the proposal to each household in the Village together with details of who to write to at OCC, Cherwell District Council or Smiths for those who wish to comment.

The Application will be considered at the next Parish Council Planning Meeting on 8 May (see planning minutes for info),
after which the Parish Council will respond formally to OCC. Any representations to the Parish Council should be made in writing or by e-mail to the Parish Clerk by 1 May so that they can be given proper consideration at the meeting.

Comments may be addressed to Hilary Skaar Parish Clerk.

Parish Council Meetings are open to the public and the PC would welcome your input.

Parking in the village

It seems that there has been a big increase in the number of cars parked on Main Street and on Middle Barton Road. For obvious reasons this is particularly evident in the evening and at the weekend. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to get through the village with farm vehicles, horse boxes and the like and with commercial vehicles making deliveries in the local area.

Should there be a fire in the village or a medical emergency, it may be that fire engines or ambulances will be delayed or unable to get through.

We would respectfully ask those car owners who have off-street parking to please use it and those who do not, to please park with consideration. Note that parking on pavements is not an option and may invalidate certain types of insurance claim.

It is difficult, we know, we are a village where the majority have two cars or more, and we know that that bit of drive has become part of the garden and the garage has become a junk room, but we do need to do something because parking is now becoming a major problem.

If anyone has any ideas about how we as a village might tackle it, please give your views by email to the parish clerk;

NHS public event

Wednesday 5 February 2014, 18:00 – 20:15

This will be an opportunity for local people to give their views on the kinds of outpatient clinics and day surgery they would like to see brought to the Horton from the hospitals in Oxford, as well as to discuss the issue of emergency abdominal surgery on the Horton General Hospital site.

Join us and have your say.

To book a place at the event;
Call: 01865 231472 or Email:

We will confirm details of the location and send you a copy of the agenda

Oxfordshire Rural Community Council

Oxfordshire Rural Community Council invites you to a FREE conference and information sharing event on: Community-Led Neighbourhood Planning

  • Is your community thinking about doing a Neighbourhood or Community-led Plan or have you just started?
  • Are you interested in Neighbourhood Planning but don’t know where to start or how much it would cost?
  • Are you confused about which planning option might be best for your community?

Then this event is for you!

The day will comprise presentations from guest speakers, a Q&A, and a series of expert-led workshops (ORCC, local authority planning and community development officers, Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action), which will explore different community planning options. Speakers include: The Department of Communities and Local Government, Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan Group, Oxfordshire Rural Community Council, Nuneham Courtenay Community-Led Plan group.

Saturday 25 January, 10:00-14:00

Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB

For booking information, visit the Oxfordshire Rural Community Council website , or contact

Jill Brooks
Community Development Worker (Rural Housing)
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5
Oxfordshire Rural Community Council
Jericho Farm, Worton, Witney, OX29 4SZ
t: 01865 883488

10 Top Tips to being a good neighbour

  1. Be alert and respond to what is going on in the village
  2. Report anyone acting suspiciously to the Police and let your neighbours know
  3. Keep an eye on neighbour’s property if they are out at work or when they are away on holiday
  4. Make sure a key holder can be contacted if your burglar alarm goes off and that they are informed of what action to take
  5. Before going away make sure that you leave a key with a trustworthy and responsible neighbour/friend who can come in and pull curtains, collect post and maybe turn lights on and off
  6. Offer support to elderly or vulnerable neighbours who maybe more at risk from bogus callers
  7. Make an effort to know your neighbours – being involved in the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is a good way to do this
  8. Ask your neighbour to accept/take in parcels or special deliveries if you are unable to be at home
  9. Support each other as a community to help resolve any anti-social behaviour for example fly tipping, dog fouling, abandoned vehicles etc
  10. Think about your own security and seek advice if needed from your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator in the village. Who will be only too willing to help you

Philip Giorgi
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Call for Neighbourhood Watch Members

Dear Resident

We are currently in the process of re-vamping your Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (NWS) for the Village of Duns Tew.

Mr Philip Giorgi, has been appointed by the Parish Council to be the Village Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

In order to have a successful Village Scheme Philip and the parish council will require some support from residents throughout the village.

Neighbourhood Watch is about looking out for each other, creating closer links with neighbours especially the elderly and more vulnerable members of our community. Getting to know who your neighbours are and working together as a group, to help tackle local issues, including Anti-social behaviour and Criminal Damage, which can help to reduce crime.

Some of the advantages of joining a NWS are:

  • Receive FREE crime alerts from your local police
  • Obtain FREE crime reduction advice
  • Receive occasional newsletters about local crime and other items of interest
  • Marking your own valuables with the postcode & house number/name, using ultraviolet pens
  • Message in Bottle Scheme is promoted and used through NWS
  • FREE door chains/bars are available for the vulnerable and elderly through NWS
  • Most insurance companies will give a discount for residents within a NWS

Most people care about the community they live in. The police want residents to help combat crime by sharing information about criminal activity in the area, helping to identify problems and working together in trying to solve them. If you would like any further details or information on Neighbourhood Watch, if you would like to become a member of the scheme and receive your free member’s pack, then please complete the slip below and return to your Village Co-ordinator, Philip Giorgi, Little Steine, Hill Farm Lane or contact Philip via email at If you are an existing co-ordinator or would consider becoming a co-ordinator to assist Philip for your area of the village then please contact him or myself at the local Watch Office, Thames Valley Police on 01295 754611 or log on to the website at

Many Thanks

Deborah Hextall
Cherwell Regional Watch Co-ordinator

Philip Giorgi
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator – Duns Tew Village