Planning applications

Planning Applications being considered

Reference Number: 18/00812/F
Mr. Edward Collier
The Gate House, Main Street, Duns Tew, Bicester OX24 6JL

RETROSPECTIVE – Emergency replacement of two existing 1325 litre single skin steel oil tanks with a single, new 1000 litre bunded plastic tank measuring length 1830mm x width 610mm x height 1570mm

Reference Number: 18/000145/TCA
Mrs. C Rigby
St Mary Magdalene Church, Main Street, Duns Tew

G1 x 3 nos Leylandii – Fell. One has storm damage and some branches have fallen onto neighbouring garage (The Gate House, 76 Main St). Remedial work will make these trees un-aesthetically pleasing. Replace with laurel hedge.
G2 x 3 nos Yew – Raise the crown of tree overhanging garage to give minimum clearance from garage roof of 1.5m and reduce descending branches on the other trees over front of garage and drive of The Gate House, 76 Main St.
T1 x Maple – Raise Crown over garden boundary with The Gate House, 76 Main St, and reduce remaining overhanging branches back to suitable growth point
G3 x 4 nos Yew – Reduce overhanging descending branches to suitable points to remove overhang and taper upper branching back into top shape along the boundary with The Gate House, 76 Main St and 75 Main St.

Reference Number MW.0044/18
Smiths of Bletchingdon
Duns Tew Quarry (East), Horsehay Farm, Duns Tew Road, Middle Barton, OX7 7DQ

Description of development:Details Pursuant to Condition 39 (Archaeology) of planning permission 14/00625/CM & 14/0526/P/CM (MW.0036/14)

Planning Applications sent to Cherwell

Reference Number: 18/00289/F
Mrs. G Burrows
Land South of Bridleway Main Street Duns Tew

Variation of Condition 2 (Plans) of 14/00754/F


Reference Number: 18/00578/F and 18/00579/LB
Miss Marie Callow
7 Daisy Hill, Duns Tew, Bicester, OX25 6LB

1 No. rooflight, replacement conservatory and external doors

No Objections

Reference Number: 18/00664/F
Mr. & Mrs. A Brown
The Old Post Office, Duns Tew, Bicester, OX25 6JR

Front bay windows, front/side dormer windows, single storey rear extension and associated works

No Objections

Planning Applications sent to Oxfordshire County Council

Reference Number MW.0024/18
Planning application by Smith & Sons (Bletchington) Ltd Enslow, Kidlington, OX5 3AY for planning permission to continue to development permitted by planning permission 16/00361/CM
(MW.0028/16) (for the excavation of sand) without complying with conditions 26, 29, 30 and 34 (to amend the approved restoration scheme to reflect the implemented scheme) at Duns Tew Quarry (West), Duns Tew Road, Middle Barton, OX7 7DQ

No Objections

Planning Applications sent to West Oxfordshire DC

17/03745/OUT | | The Driving Centre Enstone Airfield Enstone Chipping Norton Oxfordshire OX7 4DR

Construction of museum building, show lane building, corporate hospitality building, energy centre/store building, workshop building. Formation of car exercise road. Construction of 28
holiday lodges. Formation of landscaped grounds. Associated site services and external works. Diversion of public footpath.
Letter sent expressing concerns regarding the traffic problems, the environmental impact
and use of section 108 monies.

No decision as yet. OCC have objected as have many others


Reference Number: 17/01121/F and 17/01122/LB Resubmission of 17/00433/F and 17/00434/LB
Mr. G. McAlpine
Dovecote, Main Street, Duns Tew, Bicester OX25 6JR

Alterations to existing dovecote to form an office/studio

Granted with Conditions

Reference Number: 18/00305/F
Mr. D Leech
10 Dashwood Rise, Duns Tew, Bicester, OX25 6JQ

Single Storey Side Extension

Granted with Conditions

Reference Number: 18/00093/TCA
The Owlet Trust
Westwell, Main Street , Duns Tew, Bicester, OX25 6JR

T1 Cherry – Fell



The Parish Council exists to look after the interest of the community of Duns Tew. It has powers with relation to issues such as highways, traffic, housing, street lighting, seats, bus shelters, rights of way and is consulted on all local planning.

Parish Councils are part of the local government system and work closely with the district and county council to help ensure services in the village are maintained and developed.

Parish Boundary

Duns Tew Parish council boundary



Parish Council meetings are usually held on the 1st Monday, every other month, at 19:30 in the village hall. All villagers are very welcome to attend. The agenda is posted on the village notice board at least three days before the meeting and will confirm the date of the next meeting.

Planning Committee

Duns Tew has a separate planning committee (Councillors Tom Lindley (chair), David Jackson, Harriet Stapleton and Jonathan Miall) which meets monthly, depending on the requirement to review applications. All applications are reviewed by the current parish councillors and only if they object to the plans will a planning meeting be called.


Tom Lindley CHAIR


David Jackson VICE-CHAIR

Governance & Standing Orders, VAS/Speeding, Resilience Group, MCNP

Charles Landless

Footpaths and Bridleways, Poors Land, Highways, Grass, Street Cleaning & Furniture, Resilience Group, MCNP

Juliet Semple

Emergency Plan, Community Groups, Welcome Pack, Defibrillator, Bottle Bank, Planning

Jamie Hall

Play Area, Village Tidy-pp, IT (Website, Newsletter project and Cloud)

Harriet Stapleton

Planning (Chair), Newsletter, Village Hall committee representative

Parish Clerk

The Parish Clerk is the main contact for any queries within the village so please feel free to contact her with any problems/questions you may have that you feel the Parish Council could help you with.

Jean Ralfe

5 Glebe Court, Duns Tew, OX25 6JY

01869 349012

Data Protection Officer

District Councillor

Mike Kerford-Byrnes CONSERVATIVE

01280 848911

07805 665393

County Councillor


07500 930522

Member of Parliament

Victoria Prentis CONSERVATIVE

0207 219 8756

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What decisions does the Parish Council make?

Parish councils have limited powers to make decisions but they do have the ability to negotiate with, and the power to influence, those other organisations that do make the final decisions (such as the district or county council, health authorities, police etc.). In this respect parish councils are extremely powerful. The organisations that make the final decisions know that a parish council gives the best reflection of how a community feels about something and its views will be taken seriously.

How do I report road or street problems (eg potholes)?

Report it online at FixMyStreet:

What is a conservation area?

Additional planning controls exist within conservation areas which provide protection to boundary walls and larger trees and restrict Permitted Development rights. This is to ensure that any alterations do not detract from the appearance and historic significance of the area. If you live in a conservation area you have to obtain permission before making changes which would normally be permitted elsewhere. Duns Tew conservation area map:


Duns Tew Parish Council

  • Allotments
  • Bus shelters
  • Cemeteries
  • Commons land and common pastures
  • Community centres
  • Flagpoles
  • Monuments and memorials
  • Play area
  • Street lighting
  • Village hall

Cherwell District Council

  • Benefits payments
  • Collecting council tax
  • Homelessness support
  • Electoral registration
  • Environmental health
  • Housing
  • Leisure
  • Local planning
  • Street cleaning
  • Waste collection

Oxfordshire County Council

  • Adult social care
  • Children’s services and education
  • Fire and rescue service
  • Libraries, cultural and registration services
  • Public health
  • Highways and transport
  • Spatial planning
  • Trading standards
  • Waste disposal and recycling centres