10 Top Tips to being a good neighbour

  1. Be alert and respond to what is going on in the village
  2. Report anyone acting suspiciously to the Police and let your neighbours know
  3. Keep an eye on neighbour’s property if they are out at work or when they are away on holiday
  4. Make sure a key holder can be contacted if your burglar alarm goes off and that they are informed of what action to take
  5. Before going away make sure that you leave a key with a trustworthy and responsible neighbour/friend who can come in and pull curtains, collect post and maybe turn lights on and off
  6. Offer support to elderly or vulnerable neighbours who maybe more at risk from bogus callers
  7. Make an effort to know your neighbours – being involved in the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is a good way to do this
  8. Ask your neighbour to accept/take in parcels or special deliveries if you are unable to be at home
  9. Support each other as a community to help resolve any anti-social behaviour for example fly tipping, dog fouling, abandoned vehicles etc
  10. Think about your own security and seek advice if needed from your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator in the village. Who will be only too willing to help you

Philip Giorgi
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

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