Duns Tew Parish Council

 Planning Committee Meeting


Until further notice Planning applications will be considered at Full Council meetings and by circulation to  Council members  between meetings.

Special meetings will be called if appropriate.



New planning applications received and being considered by the Parish Council 



Planning Applications sent to Cherwell

Mr. G. McAlpine  , Dovecote, Main Street, Duns Tew, Bicester OX25 6JR.  Alterations to existing dovecote to form an office/studio Reference Number: 17/01121/F and 17/01122/LB Resubmission of 17/00433/F and 17/00434/LB.  Objected

Mrs. S. Lacey.  34 Main Street,Duns Tew, Bicester OX25 6JL.  Existing Sun Room to be demolished and replaced with two storey extension forming new entrance lobby and en-suite to first floor along with installation of 2 rooflights to the kitchen and re tile of the existing main dwelling.  Reference Number: 17/01908/F  No Objections

Mr. D Smith.  11 Daisy Hill, Duns Tew, Bicester, OX25 6LB  Erection of shed/summer house in the garden, replace an existing log store with a new one at front of the dwelling and enlarge an existing window in the kitchen. Reference Number: 17/02058/F     No Objections

Planning Applications sent to OCC

Horsehay Quarry Middle Barton Road Duns Tew.  Non-material amendment to 07/00435/CM – For retention of a single field gate access into the east quarry instead of reinstating it fully to hedgerow as required by Condition 7.  Reference Number MW0077/17 .  No Objections

Applications  returned by Cherwell District Council after their consideration

A full description of planning applications and the results of decisions can be obtained from the planning department at Bodicote House


Mrs. J Barton. 14, Main Street, Bicester OX25 6JR Replacement of existing softwood, single glazed casement kitchen window with new, hardwood, “Slimlite” type double glazed window Reference Number: 17/01685/LB  Granted with conditions

Mr. J Lowe. Manor House Farm, Duns Tew, Bicester, OX25 6JS.  Minor internal and external alterations including rooflight and over-cladding of perished brickwork with timber. Reference Number: 17/01860/LB.  Granted with conditions

Ms. Mills. 49 Main Street, Duns Tew, Bicester OX25 6JL. T1 x Plum –   Rear Garden Fell to ground level and treat tree stump.  Reference Number: 17/00327/TCA. Permitted

Mrs. H. Hamilton.  The Sheiling, Main Street, Duns Tew, Bicester OX25 6JS.  T1 x  Birch approximately 8m tall – Reduce by approximately 2m and shape remaining canopy, to help tree maintain a suitable size for its location. Reference Number: 17/00346/TCA  Permitted

Mrs. G. Burrows  Land South of Bridleway, Duns Tew, Removal of Condition 3 (timber boarding) o 14/00754/F.  I would like this wall to be in keeping with the rest of the build and stay either painted as it currently is or to be rendered like the other walls.  Reference Number 17/01887/F Withdrawn

Mr. & Mrs. A Pagnamenta Honey Cottage, 8, Middle Barton Road. Duns Tew OX25 6JN.  Proposed rear extension & loft conversion.  Reference Number: 17/02150/F Granted with conditions




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