Friends of Deddington Library – Update April 2017

We met on April 4th to review progress to date and plan future fundraising projects.


Unfortunately, the company used for recycling the empty ink cartridges no longer take the cartridges that we received most of in our ‘Trash for Cash’ fundraising, we have looked at many other recycling alternatives but without any joy. Therefore, reluctantly, we have decided to stop collecting them. Thank you to everyone who donated spent cartridges but we are now working on other fundraising initiatives for this year that we hope will be more productive moving forward.


As mentioned in my last update, we are full steam ahead on the 2018 Deddington Parish Calendar and Photo Competition so please get your cameras out and start shooting in and around our wonderful parish. Send in your entries to ( or drop a disk at the library as soon as you’ve taken them, don’t wait until the final deadline which is August 18th, files should ideally be 5mb or larger and saved as high res Jpegs, but we’ll review all images presented to us.


Our subscriber base is holding up well but we are still some way below our goal of 200 subscribers, so please spread the word and encourage friends, family and neighbours to support a very worthy community asset by becoming a Friend of Deddington Library subscriber.


On Sunday 2ndJuly we will be holding our first annual Parish Garage Sale! So look out for posters and more information on this. In the meantime, sort out your garages and plan what to get rid of! For the uninitiated, this is like a car boot sale, but you don’t leave home! You register your garage sale with us for a fee and we produce a map of all the ‘sellers’ which we give to your customers on the day of the sale! A great way for the library to make some money… and you! So, get sorting!


Finally, we’re currently looking to increase our FoDL Committee with at least a couple of new members, so if you have some skills that would prove useful to us such as fundraising, marketing or web/social media then we’d love to have you on board. Likewise, if you’re just keen, have some time to spare and want to join us to contribute in any way you can, we would love to hear from you too!


Thank you.


Bryn Williams



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